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Dr Claire Bowen - More Energy, Better Health - Naturally - ME/CFS Holistic SupportMy name is Claire Rowe (nee Bowen!) and I’d love to work with you to help regain your energy and your health!

During my twenties I spent much of my time in bed, too exhausted and in too much pain to do nearly everything that most people take for granted. I was very much ‘stuck in survival mode’ – and on some days even surviving felt like too much! After several years of severe M.E. / CFS and Fibromyalgia, I was fortunate enough to discover Activated Oxygen and this started my personal journey back to health… along the way I began to develop the Optimum Health Jigsaw.

In 2012, I met the love of my life – and in 2014, I married him! In 2015 I gave birth to our beautiful daughter – after 24 hours of back labour(!) – with no pharmaceutical pain relief. I’m even surviving the sleeplessness of parenthood! I no longer consider myself an individual with M.E. / CFS or Fibromyalgia.

I believe that although everyone’s experience of ME / CFS is unique, there are key areas which can bring about positive improvements for pretty much anyone. For the past few years I’ve been honing the Optimum Health Jigsaw and I’d love to share it with you, to see how much more energy YOU could get and how much better your life could become!

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