Activated Oxygen Therapy for Energy and More!

‘Singlet Oxygen Therapy’ or ‘Activated Oxygen Therapy’ is an innovative natural treatment, well established in Germany, relatively new to the UK, which enriches normal room air with ‘singlet oxygen energy’, providing an easily-breathable, gently humidified form of Activated Air to improve the body’s absorption, uptake, transport and utilisation of oxygen at a cellular level.

Users dealing with low energy states report the following:

More sustained energy throughout the day.

Fewer energy crashes during the day and evening.

Better, deeper, longer sleep. (this effect does seem to take longer to achieve)

Since Activated Oxygen Therapy has also been shown to improve heart rate variability (see our Heart Rate Variability page for more information), it’s suggested that this therapy can also be helpful for those in Sympathetic Overdrive – experiencing a chronic stress response to modern life – helping them switch more from ‘fight or flight’ into ‘rest and digest’ mode (the Parasympathetic Nervous System mode).

How does it work?

Room air is drawn into the Activated Oxygen device through a clinical grade air filter, to ensure optimum purity of the entire process. Once inside the ‘activation chambers’ within the machine, the air is passed over special (patented design) catalysts and exposed to LED lights of a certain wavelength. This causes a specific chemical reaction to occur which is related to the reactions undergone in plants during photosynthesis. In normal air; the kind you and I are breathing in right now, oxygen exists in what is known as the ‘ground state’. In an Activated Oxygen Device, the molecules undergo a transformation which breaks the bonds between them to form ‘Singlet Oxygen’; in which the outer electrons of the Oxygen molecules have a different ‘spin’. Since Singlet Oxygen is highly reactive, within a fraction of a second, all these Singlet Oxygen molecules have reverted to ‘Triplet Oxygen’ again – back to the ground state. However, since the reaction has generated energy (known as ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’), this air mixture is very different from when it entered the machine – this is the ‘activation’.

The presence of the Singlet Oxygen Energy within the air mixture (which is then gently humidified via a glass water bottle) has a significant effect on the body when inhaled. The Singlet Oxygen Energy appears to enhance oxygen transport to cells around the body and improve the efficiency of metabolic reactions which utilise oxygen (of which there are many!) It’s also believed that the Singlet Oxygen Energy triggers the ‘Oxidative Response’ – this is the body’s own self-healing response.

Is it safe?

Singlet Oxygen is a Free Radical – a highly reactive particle that can cause damage to living cells and structures. When dealing with any kind of chronic health condition, one of the min aims is to reduce the number of free radicals within the body, to avoid the damage they can cause. It is good, therefore, that no singlet oxygen leaves the Activated Oxygen equipment. It is solely the Singlet Oxygen ENERGY which is transferred to water molecules when the air mixture is humidified, which enters the body through inhalation and produces the POSITIVE effects of treatment.

At present (after over 25 years of use and research), the only contraindications to Activated Oxygen Therapy known are recent nasal trauma or surgery – and this is simply because using the Activated Oxygen Therapy device involves wearing a nasal cannula, with two tiny prongs entering the nostrils – usually perfectly comfortable, but which may cause discomfort if there’s been recent trauma or surgery.

In terms of interactions with other treatments or medications, there are no known adverse interactions with Activated Oxygen Therapy. Over time, many users report being able to gradually reduce medications they are taking, as the body seems to get more efficient at balancing itself. (NB We never recommend stopping or reducing any prescribed medication without consultation with your prescribing physician).

Regarding ‘side effects’, there are no real side effects of the actual therapy. Some users, however, do describe some temporary discomfort when they first start using the Activated Oxygen Therapy – this can range from ‘muzzy headed’ feelings or slight nausea, to increased mucus or phlegm production (which is believed to be a part of the body’s clearing and healing process)

In order to minimise and avoid these temporary ‘healing reactions’, we always advise building up Activated Oxygen Therapy usage gradually – and we provide personalised recommended usage schedules for all clients who use our Activated Oxygen Therapy machines.

Where Can I Try it?

One of the (several) advantages of Activated Oxygen Therapy over traditional oxygen therapies is that you can receive treatments in the comfort of your own home, without any concerns about pressurised gas canisters or similar.

The systemic therapy devices ‘Professional Plus’ and ‘Vital Air 5 Plus’ weigh just a few kilograms and take up about the same space on your table as a large laptop computer.

Once you’ve added (pure) water to the humidifying bottle and attached your nasal cannula (‘nose tubes’), you are good to go – and then just need to concentrate on relaxing and breathing in through your nose!

To purchase the Activated Oxygen Device does require a significant investment (see prices below) so we recommend a rental period before purchase to start to experience some of the benefits before making the outlay of purchase.

You can rent an Activated Oxygen Therapy device (either a Vital Air 5 Plus or Professional Plus) as part of our OXYGENATION Optimum Health Package. Scroll down to find out more…

Our OXYGENATION Optimum Health Package includes rental of a highest quality Activated Oxygen Therapy machine (Airnergy Professional Plus device or Vital Air 5 Plus device), for daily use in the comfort of your own home. All necessary accessories, including nasal cannulae, air filters and a special Aromatherapy attachment are also included in the one monthly fee.

As part of the package you also receive 30 minutes’ per month consultation time with Dr Claire Bowen (telephone or Skype) to further work on Health Optimisation.

In addition, you will receive the extremely useful e-book, ‘Conscious Breathing’ – compiled to enhance your oxygenation and overall quality of life!

Our price to you: £185 per month (plus £125 one off fee for delivery, collection set up, instruction and technical support or £50 for courier delivery.)

Minimum term 3 months (it can take up to three months for some individuals to begin to experience the benefits) then you can cancel at any time.

If you’d like to purchase our OXYGENATION package, or have any queries about Activated oxygen therapy or Conscious Breathing and how it might be relevant for you, contact us on 01743-718-324 or email me at

Vital Air 5 Plus

5 Activation Chambers

Rent as part of our OXYGENATION Optimum Health Package

Purchase price of new machine: £4195

Airnergy Professional Plus

4 Activation Chambers

Rent as part of our OXYGENATION Optimum Health Package

Purchase price of new machine: £4295

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