Our Brain Rewiring Programme addresses the cognitive and mental patterns that can facilitate and maintain greater Optimum Health. Any truly Holistic Recovery Protocol needs to include interventions to optimise the mental and emotional aspect of health and well-being. Through the practical resources we provide in the Brain Rewiring Programme, you can begin to change the learned neural patterning that may (in part) be preventing or delaying your full recovery – and, with consistent practice, start to build new neural connections – patterns of thinking and doing, which will be most beneficial for your sustainable recovery.

From Dr Claire: ‘When I was working through my own healing journey, I reached a point where I thought I ‘had it all sorted’ – I was finally back at work and feeling pretty ‘normal’, I’d put lots of interventions in place and was carefully carrying out my self-devised protocol. All seemed good and I was wondering how I might start sharing all I had learnt… a few months later (when, I admit, I was not being so diligent about all my physical and lifestyle practices) I suddenly contracted another flu-type bug – and became really ill again – to the point of struggling to walk and care for myself, let alone work or socialise. I was gutted! Immediately I started following my physical protocol again, to the letter (you can read all about my honed protocol by checking out the different pieces of the Optimum Health Jigsaw) and I improved… but only a little! There was obviously still something significant holding me back. After a few more months of desperate searching, researching and inner questioning, I came to the conclusion that although I had changed so much in my life in order to exist in a healthier, more vibrant state, I hadn’t really focused on changing my attitude at all – my attitude towards myself, the world, or my reactions and responses to what happened ‘to’ me. This was a big realisation, as I began to see that it may be my own patterns of thinking and behavioural actions and reactions could be holding me back from true health! It took a long time for me to work out how to address these – and then longer to be able to gradually change them (actually I think this may be a lifelong process to fully optimise all neural patterning!) However, as I started to work on this area, I did start to recover my health again – and, a couple of years later, when I was living a pretty ‘normal’ life, in terms of activity levels and experience, when I contracted another flu-type bug, it only wiped me out for a week – then I got better and carried on with my life! That, to me, was a sign that I had properly recovered my health (for which I am eternally grateful).

Some people do find CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) beneficial in this regard. Others find substantial benefit from processes such as Self-Actualisation Learning Technology, The Gupta Programme, or The ‘Dynamic Neural Retraining System’. Our Brain Rewiring Programme is intended to provide a simple and affordable way of exploring and addressing the cognitive and emotional aspects of recovery from chronic illness, specifically designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Fibromyalgia / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or other chronic health conditions. We are also getting good feedback from users with chronic Anxiety, as part of their own Recovery Programme. See what you feel! See what you think!

With your monthly subscription to your Brain Rewiring Programme, you will receive:

  • REWIRE YOUR BRAIN (for Optimum Health): (pdf format) Step by step process to shift unhelpful behavioural and thought patterns into more beneficial and positive ways of thinking and being* NB This is recommended on the Holistic background of addressing all necessary physical aspects of chronic ill health; not recommended as the sole treatment or cure for an illness. Value £19.99

  • SUPPORT CONSULTATIONS: To assist you in identifying those cognitive, behavioural and emotional patterns which you may want to ‘unlearn’ and replace, to achieve improved health and well-being, then consistently working with the process of brain-retraining and re-wiring, your subscription to the Brain ReWiring Programme includes 2 x 1 hour telephone (or Skype) sessions with Dr Claire Bowen (per month of subscription). To be booked at your convenience! Value £140.

  • MOVING FORWARD RECOVERY AUDIOS: (MP3 format) These gentle, powerful audios focus on the re-connection to personal intuition and redevelopment of self-trust, which is so often eroded when dealing with chronic illness. Listening to these relaxing guided meditations will support your process of letting go of the past and creating a positive new future for you to comfortably and confidently move into. A new, related audio will be sent to you each month to build your transformation collection. The first in the series is:‘Self-Trust, Letting Go and Moving Forward’. Value £9.99 per month

  • AFFIRMATION CARDS: Affirmations – using strong positive statements which describe how you want you or your life to be – may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, as part of a brain-rewiring programme, we’ve found them invaluable, especially when personalised and written appropriately for your particular state of body and mind. You can use these cards however you choose; place those that resonate most strongly around your room or house, or carry certain cards with you for reminders throughout the day of the new way of life you’re creating. Value £9.99

Subscription value: >£180

SUBSCRIPTION FEE: £145 per month

Two months’ minimum subscription, then you can cancel at any time.

To start your Brain Rewiring Pack subscription, call us today on 01743-718-324 or email me at drclaire@drclairebowen.com!