“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health”

Dalai Lama

In some individuals, traumas and unpleasant experiences in life can affect how the brain interprets external (and internal) stimuli and push the body into a ‘chronic stress response’, involving ‘over-reaction’, in the form of multiple symptoms to stimuli that, when healthy, would provoke a normal or unnoticeable response. This effect, which is thought to involve the limbic system structures of the brain, is believed to be part of many of the complex chronic conditions diagnosed today such as M.E. / CFS, Fibromyalgia, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and others. Reversing this ‘brain injury’ is a key aspect of the Jigsaw of Recovery to assist individuals achieve full and sustainable health.

However, even in ‘healthy’ individuals seeking optimum health, there can be benefit in assessing how one responds and reacts in and to the world and modifying this to create the smoothest and most healthful way of being in the world.

Once the limbic system is optimally rebalanced and physical, mental, emotional health restored and sustained, the resources are then available to take a more transpersonal approach to life. Without having to put so much focus on the self and day-to-day survival, an individual can explore the full potential of their life and fulfill their consciously desired role within the family, community and in the wider world.

Some Questions:

  • Are you aware of any repeating patterns in your life,
    that you’d like to change?

  • Do you ever have the thought, ‘there must be more to life than this’?

  • Do you often find it hard to imagine how life could ever really get better?

  • Have you experienced any traumatic events in your life, which are still affecting how you think or feel?

  • Have you felt unwell for so long that you’ve forgotten what ‘healthy’ and ‘a normal life’ feel like or look like?

  • Are you becoming afraid to try new treatments or therapies because so little of what you’ve tried so far has helped and so many things have actually made you feel worse?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the questions above - and you're open to the idea of reinventing yourself, there may be significant benefit in you undertaking some kind of 'brain-rewiring' programme or addressing the more cognitive aspect of health in another way.

‘Our experience of life is much more related to how we react and respond to circumstances than to the actual events of our life’

Whether or not you currently believe this to be true, if we can create a more positive attitude towards life, ‘taking things in our stride’, easily ‘letting go’ of negative experiences and enjoying humour on a daily basis, most individuals would agree that the experience of ‘life’ is likely to be improved, whatever level of health or illness or energy one is dealing with.

These are some of the aims of the EXPANSION Jigsaw Piece.

In order to achieve them, a big focus is placed on shifting the body more into a state of Parasympathetic Activation rather than Sympathetic Activation. For several reasons, many people in chronic low energy states, diagnosed with chronic conditions such as M.E. / CFS, Fibromyalgia and many others, are existing in a ‘chronic stress state’, which involves ‘overactivation’ of the Sympathetic Nervous System – this is the part of the Autonomic (automatic) nervous system responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response – which is only ever meant to be used sparingly, in acute situations! By working through techniques and implementations in the EXPANSION Jigsaw Piece, we encourage the body to shift more into the Parasympathetic State – ‘Rest and Digest’, rather than ‘Fight or Flight’. This is the state in which the body relaxes, heals, focuses on fully digesting food, repairing cells, detoxifying the body and many other essential processes which stop working properly when continually in the Sympathetic State…

Some ways to work on your EXPANSION Jigsaw Piece and make any necessary adjustments to your perspective on your life and your reactions to the world:

  • Practise Observation: Become aware of situations and experiences that trigger physical, mental or emotional symptoms for you. When you notice the trigger, mentally step back and become ‘The Observer’, giving your body and mind the opportunity to disengage from previous behaviour patterns and begin to create different outcomes.

  • Restorative Relaxation: Take time out for Restorative Relaxation on a daily basis – this means stilling your body and mind to allow your energy system space and time to process all the experiences you’ve been going through, release excess and unwanted energy and re-focus on the optimum health needs of your cells and entire body.

  • Meditation: Practise daily meditation – whether simply sitting in silence, focusing on the breath, or using a guided meditation audio, to reach a state of healing calm. We have a guided meditation website where you can download many different audios for free: http://www.freemeditations.co.uk.

  • ‘Brain Rewiring Programme’: Consider working through a structured programme to assist the brain-rewiring process. We can provide this at Unique Perceptions (click here for more information). Other courses offering intensive ‘brain-rewiring’ programmes include The Gupta Programme and the Dynamic Neural Restructuring System (DNRS).

  • Find the Funny! Humour has been shown, time and time again, to have a beneficial, healing effect on the body. When living with a chronic illness, finding any humour during your day may sound like a challenge. However, to receive the benefits of ‘physiological’ humour, it’s not necessary to be roaring with laughter! Just a little observation that may result in a simple cognitive response of ‘yes, that’s funny’ or wry smile, can add to relaxation of the body and the shifting into a more healing state. Check out our Pinterest humour boards if you’re struggling to find anything amusing today!

“If you’d like to discuss which aspect of the Optimum Health Jigsaw should be your priority, or which implementation(s) would be most appropriate for you personally, please contact me via our contact form or on 01743-718-324 or email here. I look forward to working with you!”