“There is no ONE Giant Step that does it – it’s a lot of little steps!”

The MOBILISATION Jigsaw Piece is all about movement! Our bodies were designed to move. As children are growing up, regular movement helps them grow and develop balance and coordination. As adults, adequate movement of our bodies helps us maintain that co-ordination and balance, improves our metabolic rate, maintains our cardiovascular system, encourages detoxification via stimulation of the lymphatic system and maintains flexibiliuty and function of muscles and joints (amongst other important functions…)

Many of today’s minor health problems are caused or exacerbated by our mainly-sedentary lifestyle. If one is ill, there may be a limit to the amount of exercise or ‘mobilisation’ one can attempt safely. However, in general, carefully and appropriately increasing your physical activity levels can have far-reaching positive and healthful results.

Do you ever experience:

  • Feeling particularly stiff in the morning?

  • Restricted movement at some or many of your joints?

  • Symptoms becoming worse after any physical activity?

  • Having to spend much of your time lying down or sitting still?

  • Significant weakness of muscles or weakness of limbs during movement?

  • Digestion problems such as constipation?

If you've answered 'yes' to two or more of the questions above,
you may well benefit from a carefully supported programme to increase (or modify) your physical activity levels.

The most obvious forms of MOBILISATION or ‘exercise’ are phenomena such as running, swimming, team sports or going to the gym. However, if you are chronically ill, standard ‘exercise’ may be impossible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your body ‘moving’ and your systems ‘flowing’ as smoothly as possible!

There are many methods of improving MOBILISATION; movement and activity of the body in an appropriate way. One of the best methods we have found is the Sun Ancon Chi Machine – especially if you find exercise hard or are unable to exercise properly due to ill health. This passive-aerobic-exercise device is based on the movement of a fish, providing the benefits of aerobic exercise to the user whilst they lie on a flat surface and relax their body.

Find out more about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine by Clicking Here.

Other ways to work on your MOBILISATION Jigsaw Piece and improve your cells’ oxygen levels and usage, include:

  • Go Gently: If you are looking to recover from a chronic low energy state such as M.E. / CFS, it’s likely that your tendency will be to do ‘too much’ rather than ‘too little’. Appropriately supported ‘Graded Exercise’ or ‘Graded Activity’ regimes can be very helpful – but ONLY at certain stages of the condition and only as part of a holistic, personalised pacing programme.

  • Find the Right Exercise for YOU:If you’re a team sports player, great! If not, great! There are plenty of gentle and powerful ways of keeping your body moving in the right way for optimum health. Some examples that can be incredibly healthful and good at meeting different health needs and individual preferences are walking, yoga (so many different practices), Qigong and Pilates.

  • Don’t Overdo it: Whatever your chosen activity or exercise, work within your limits. If you want to work your body further, consult with an experienced professional who can safely assist you.

  • Daily Stretches: Practise daily stretching exercises to help avoid stiffness and maintain your range of movement. Work from your neck downwards, gently focusing on each joint group, ensuring that you only work within your limits and hold the stretch only as long as is comfortable.

“If you’d like to discuss which aspect of the Optimum Health Jigsaw should be your priority, or which implementation(s) would be most appropriate for you personally, please contact me via our contact form or on 01743-718-324 or email here. I look forward to working with you!”

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