Far Infra Red Therapy for Detoxification, More Energy and Pain Relief!

The health benefits of saunas have been acknowledged since Roman times, when the restorative and health promotional effects were utilised by all classes in society, particularly by military personnel, who had to maintain peak levels of fitness. Traditionally saunas have been used to reduce pain, improve mental clarity and promote longevity. Recently, however, in the ‘age of detox’, the hyperthermic effects (raising the core body temperature) of saunas, especially far infra red saunas, have been studied and shown to provide a relatively simple and highly effective method of detoxification of heavy metals and organic toxins such as pesticides, stimulating the circulation and helping the body heal and prevent further disease.

What is Far Infra Red Therapy?

The initial discovery of the effectiveness of Far Infra Red rays (FIR) came through work by NASA to maintain the fitness of their astronauts during extended space missions. The requirement was to replicate the muscle toning and detoxifying effects of exercise for the astronauts during missions when physical exercise was impossible. Researchers recognised that sweating was one aspect key to these positive effects and they found that by exposing bodies to the right FIR radiation they could achieve the same health results without exercise. However, an exciting discovery came when it was understood that it is not necessary to sweat in order to achieve positive effects with a FIR sauna! This is really relevant to individuals dealing with chronic health problems who often are unable to sweat effectively!

FIR Therapy works because the billions of water molecules within the body will vibrate (resonate) when exposed to a certain frequency (or wavelength). The wavelength for this natural vibration is around 10 microns (a micron is a millionth of a metre) and the FIR spectrum includes waves of this length.

Cells that are exposed to 10 micron FIR waves resonate (i.e. become excited). In this condition they begin to release the toxins that have built up over many years of exposure to our modern environment. In fact this excitement causes the cell material to warm up and then the released toxins can be washed out. The displaced toxins can then either be removed via sweat, through the skin, via the intestines (in faeces), or via the lymphatic system (the body’s own detox system). Although sweating is the usual method of removal, it has been shown that even individuals unable to sweat still detoxify well using FIR, through other bodily fluids.

Conventional saunas use high temperatures in order to induce high levels of sweating (often greater than 80°c). Some individuals find the heat too difficult to tolerate, so FIR saunas provide a comfortable alternative. Since FIRS rely on using resonance (molecule excitation) more than general heating to produce the sweat, they typically run (and show best results) at much lower temperatures; between about 37°c and 50°c (100 -130°f). The FIR rays penetrate one to two inches into the subcutaneous layers. This activation triggers release of cell toxins at this level.

As the FIR detoxification progresses, the toxins in the outer fat layers will be dislodged first. The deeper ones will gradually move outwards and thence be expelled. The belief is that as the body frees up these ‘safe storage’ areas (i.e. likely to cause less damage to the individual than those lodged in more important places), it will cause the toxins stored in the ‘unsafe’ areas of the body (the deeper tissues, such as the internal organs and the brain) to migrate into the subcutaneous layers. As long as the FIR treatment continues, there they will be exposed to the 10 micron wavelengths and a virtuous cycle of detoxification is set up.

The Physics of Far Infra Red

Infra red (IR) rays are one form of energy given out by the sun (other forms include visible light and ultra-violet rays). They have a wavelength longer than that of the spectrum we call visible light, but shorter than microwaves and sound waves. The human eye cannot see IR rays, but heat-seeking devices, some animals and night vision equipment can. Infra Red waves are what we feel as warmth on our skin on a bright sunny day; which very quickly stops when cloud covers the sun.
Infra red waves can be divided into three groups: near, medium and far, depending on their wavelength and their position relative to the red (visible light) spectrum. The longest (far) wavelengths are those pertinent to Far infra red therapy, as it is these particular wavelengths which penetrate the body an appropriate distance and cause the desired detoxification.

What evidence is there that it works?

Far infra red therapy is already used extensively in Japan and is widely accepted as standard treatment. Although not yet as widely used in the west, increasing numbers of clinics and practitioners are starting to incorporate FIR treatments in their management plans.

There are numerous studies (most have been carried out in Japan and some are still awaiting translation!) demonstrating the positive effects of FIR Therapy, in various different ways and how it can assist health improvement for various conditions and symptoms. Some examples are below.

Several studies provide evidence that the sweat produced from FIRS use contains more toxins than that produced in conventional saunas. One study reportedly examined the sweat from a conventional sauna and from a FIR sauna. In the Swedish type the sweat contained 95 -97% water. In the case of the FIR the water content was only 80-85%. The remainder was cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.

It has also been shown that levels of toxins such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic metals in fat cell biopsies have been reduced in individuals following a course of FIR treatment(/p)

Research carried out in Japan investigated the effects of FIR therapy on two patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (1). After twenty-five daily sessions of FIR, symptoms such as fatigue, pain, sleep disturbance and low-grade fever were dramatically improved. The subjects showed no relapse or exacerbation of symptoms during the first year after finishing the study. (See Reference details below)

Additional research (2) has shown how Far Infra Red Therapy can have a positive antioxidant effect; improving the body’s defence system against damage from free radicals and reducing the effects of oxidative stress.

How Can I Access Far Infra Red Therapy?

In order to receive appropriate FIR therapy the body needs to be exposed to an energy field of the correct wave length (around 1 to 20 microns). ‘All over’ body coverage is ideal. FIR waves travel in straight lines and are absorbed by materials through which they pass (wood in particular). However the waves can be reflected and focused to intensify the beam.

The stronger the output of 10 micron FIR rays within the unit and the closer the emitters are to the surface of the skin the more powerful the treatment will be.

It is essential to begin any detoxification programme at a rate and intensity appropriate to the individual concerned. In the case of FIR therapy for a very ill individual, this may entail at most five minutes of treatment a day at first (possibly even less) and the incremental increase in therapy according to response.

Following FIR therapy sessions it is important to wash off sweat produced, to prevent reabsorption of toxins. Even if not generating sweat, it’s good to gently cleanse the body after a session. If a shower is not feasible for the individual, wiping thoroughly with a damp face cloth or towel is adequate. It is necessary to replace any water sweated out as well as increase fluid intake to help flush out the toxins displaced into the lymphatic system and bloodstream, so drinking more water after treatments is highly recommended. It is also advised to rest after initial sessions and avoid exposure to heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol.

Several health clinics and treatment centres now have FIR Saunas installed, which individuals can hire for sessions, with showering facilities available for afterwards. The ideal, however, is a unit within the home, which can be used on a daily basis (and precludes the inconvenience and energy expenditure of travel). There are now a range of units on the market offering FIR treatments. These include wooden cabins, portable ‘tent like’ (fabric) units (generally the cheapest option), as well as sleeping bags, mattresses, pads and ‘dome’ units to cater for treatment of specific parts of the body. Prices start at about £100 and go on up to several thousands for large free standing multi person log cabins.

We’ve found best results overall – and especially working with individuals in a low energy state – with the ‘Coccoon’ (sleeping bag) style FIR Therapy units and the (‘SOMA’) FIR mats – these provide great coverage of the FIR rays yet allow you to use the unit whilst lying down! No need to expend additional energy sitting or standing up!

To discuss the rental or purchase of a Far Infra Red Therapy unit for your own particular needs, please contact us for an introductory chat so we can work out what would be best for your health and lifestyle and budget!

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Research References

(1) The effects of repeated (Far Infrared- FIR) thermal therapy for two patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. J Psychosom Res. 2005 Apr;58(4):383-7. Masuda A1, Kihara T, Fukudome T, Shinsato T, Minagoe S, Tei C.

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