Nutrition is a huge and vital topic to explore when looking to recover from a chronic illness or move towards more optimum health. A whole industry has now been built around Nutrition and there it can be really easy to get confused by seemingly often conflicting information offered by ‘Nutritional Experts’ – quite aside from the numerous articles and adverts one cannot avoid whilst exploring the subject of Nutrition online and offline!

We believe that there’s actually no perfect diet that suits everyone. just as we are all wonderfully unique, so are our metabolic needs, the expression of our genes and the way our body deals with all our experiences in life.

However, there are various principles regarding optimal nutrition which do seem relevant to the majority of the population. To that end we have created a basic Nutrition Support Pack, which provides a few of the key nutrients, in forms easy for the body to absorb and assimilate, along with a written resource pack to aid your quest for the ‘perfect’ diet and supplement regime for YOU!

With your monthly subscription to the Nutritional Support Pack, you will receive, direct to your door:

  • MAGNESIUM: Perhaps the most important nutrient to focus on when looking to improve energy levels and recover personal health. Magnesium deficiency is widespread in the world today and can cause and contribute to a large number of health issues. In order to ensure optimal absorption into the body and best use of the Magnesium by the cells, we provide Picoionic Liquid Magnesium and advise taking half a capful once a day, in water (with some nice-tasting chaser, as it really doesn’t taste good, but is so worth it!) then building up as appropriate. One bottle lasts around 3 months. The brand we prefer is ‘GoodState’ and a bottle containing 96 servings costs £19.

  • PROBIOTICS For both energy improvements, immune support as well as general health and wellbeing, high quality probiotics must also be high on your list of supplements to move towards optimum health. Within the Nutrition Support Pack you will receive a monthly pack (30 sachets or capsules) of the probiotics most appropriate to your own health needs. We use and recommend Optibac probiotics since they have been researched so highly, are available in easy-to-take powder form, do not require refrigeration and contain very specific strains of the ‘good bacteria’ relevant to specific health states and requirements. Usual price ~£20 per month.

  • VITAMIN DVitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone which has multiple actions within the body, including immune system strengthening and bone mineralising (via the careful balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood). Deficiency of Vitamin D has been associated with various autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypertension and also other conditions such as M.E. / CFS and Cancer. Although the body can synthesise its own Vitamin D (the active form is calcitriol, produced in the kidneys), many people, especially if living in a climate like the UK’s, will not be synthesising sufficient Vitamin D due to minimal sun exposure!

    As part of our Nutrition Support Pack we provide Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) in an easy-to-take drop form (1 drop under the tongue daily provides 1000iu Vitamin D) to further optimise your nutrition!

  • VITAMIN C Although there are numerous supplements known for their contribution to enhanced energy levels and overall health and wellbeing, there are a limited number that ‘everyone’ can benefit from when taken on a daily basis. We’ve chosen Vitamin C as the final supplement to be added to our basic Nutrition Support Pack since it has so many powerful effects within the body, there’s so much evidence for it supporting the immune system, energy production and detoxification system – and the body doesn’t store excess Vitamin C – if you take in more than your body can utilise, it will simply have a laxative effect and provide an additional colon-cleanse for you…

    In the Nutrition Support Pack, you’ll receive a monthly (30 tablets) pack of 1000mg Vitamin C tablets or a bottle of Vitasorb Vitamin C liquid (BioCare brand), depending on your health needs.

In addition to the monthly supplement supplies, as part of your subscription, you will also receive our Nutrition Support E-books – ‘Principles of Optimum Health Nutrition’, ‘Juices and Smoothies for More Energy’ and our ‘Alternatives List’ so that you don’t have to feel restricted when moving to a ‘healthier’ diet.

SUBSCRIPTION FEE: £45 per month

Three months’ minimum subscription, then you can cancel at any time.

To start your Nutrition Support Pack subscription, call us today on 01743-718-324, or email me at!