More Energy, Better Health, Naturally!

The Foundation of Our Approach

From Dr Claire Bowen:

As the Activated Oxygen Therapy started to give me my brain back and begin my recovery, I started to examine the available research and feel into what else my body was telling me it needed to start healing and functioning more optimally.

I started to piece together the key components of what then became my personal recovery programme, based on my understanding of what’s really going on, at a cellular level, in M.E. / CFS (you can download my Medical paper about this here)

Once I became properly ‘well’, I continued to research and examine these key components of recovery and health. What I discovered is that in so many chronic conditions in which fatigue and similar symptoms play a part, there are various specific issues, which, once addressed, consistently bring about a movement towards greater health and well-being.

This is how The Optimum Health Jigsaw came about!

Over the past few years I have been honing the Jigsaw, as I worked with increasing numbers of unique individuals and read and learnt and experienced more and more. Our aim with The Optimum Health Jigsaw now is to accessibly provide information and resources to enable any individual keen to improve or maintain their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing to make the changes they desire!

The Optimum Health Jigsaw is the basis for ‘7 Steps to Restoring Your Energy (naturally and permanently)’Download your FREE copy here!

The reason behind the ‘jigsaw’ title comes from the basis of integration and accumulation; each of the jigsaw pieces is valuable in its own right, yet, when addressed together, they have far greater impact!

Check out details of the different Jigsaw Pieces below – and consider which one you’re most drawn to immediately, or which you feel may benefit your health most strongly if addressed first!

If you’d like to discuss which Jigsaw Piece(s) might be most relevant to you initially, contact me for a chat and let’s see what we can come up with together!

The Optimum Health Jigsaw is composed of eight key areas which need to be addressed by any individual looking to recover from chronic illness or achieve the most optimum health possible for their particular body and energy system.

Each individual will find certain aspects of the jigsaw more relevant than others. The jigsaw is not created as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to recovery from illness or movement towards optimum health. Rather, it is a framework to be used as a starting point for patients and practitioners to explore the main areas necessary to improve health and wellbeing, utilising the specific resources, techniques, therapies and suggestions recommended as part of the jigsaw appropriate to the particular individual.

The Jigsaw is based on a biological model of human health, examining the needs of cells within the body, optimally addressing those needs in an accessible and sustainable way, then expanding the scope of management to incorporate a complete holistic approach to optimal wellbeing. Put very simply, therefore, the eight Jigsaw Pieces are as follows: Oxygenation – cells need oxygen, Hydration – cells need water, Nutrition – cells need nutrients, Detoxification – cells need to eliminate waste, Protection – cells need ‘down time’ to repair and renew. Then expanding the focus from cell to whole: Connection – Humans need healthy relationships with others for optimal wellbeing, Mobilisation – Bodies need movement for optimal health maintenance, efficient waste elimination and comfortable growth. Finally Expansion – The path to optimum health invariably requires a kind of ‘rewiring’ of neural networks in terms of how we view ourselves and the world. It also necessiates a more expanded focus and perspective for sustainable optimal wellbeing.

Here you will find a summary of each aspect of the Optimum Health Jigsaw. For more in-depth information, or to work with an experienced practitioner towards your own tailor-made ‘Jigsaw-Programme’, please contact us!



We can survive weeks without food, days without water, yet only minutes without oxygen – yet this abundant molecule is often overlooked when it comes to health and sickness. Time to change all that! Click here to find out more about how your cells may be crying out for more oxygen – and a whole range of ways you can help them with that!




Overall, more than half of our bodyweight is water – signifying the importance of hydration in maintaining our life functions. Water is needed to absorb nutrients, produce energy in cells, control body temperature and eliminate toxins and waste products – amongst many other vital processes within the body. Without sufficient water, any or all of these processes may suffer and become less efficient. Click below to see how this often-overlooked aspect of health and illness can be addressed!




‘Detoxification’ has become quite a buzzword these days. There are many detoxing diets around, as well as various pieces of equipment and therapies, which claim to detoxify the body. In the world we live in today, full of environmental pollution, food additives and strong medications, it seems like a good idea for everyone to attempt effective detox, but for individuals with a chronic illness it is essential, since overwhelm of the body’s detoxification system is often a key component of the condition. However, it is equally essential that any detoxification process is carried out appropriately for the individual; when dealing with a system as fragile as in those with chronic illness such as M.E. / CFS, MS, heart or lung problems, it may be possible to detox too rapidly or powerfully, placing too much strain on the body – click below to learn more!




You’ve heard the expression, ‘you are what you eat’! Well, although you may not actually be a huge sausage roll or giant banana smoothie, it is true that the food we consume is broken down inside our body to form the building blocks which make up our new and regenerating cells. So, of course, what we eat really does have a significant impact on who and what we are! In addition to the kind of food, how much we eat, when we eat it – and even how we feel as we eat it can have a huge impact on the effects of our diet on our health and wellbeing. ‘Nutrition’ is a huge area of potential experience (indeed, one a whole industry is now built on!) and so it’s a really important aspect of everyone’s life experience! When dealing with a chronic health issue such as fatigue, it’s likely that the nutritional requirements of the body are even greater than an average ‘healthy’ individual, whilst there may be bodily processes going on that mean some foods won’t be tolerated well – so careful, personalised nutrition becomes even more important!




Everybody needs ‘down time’; a break from the daily stresses and strains of life and time to regroup and build strength. Your cells are no exception. In today’s world, with so much stimulating entertainment right at our fingertips, even when we’re in bed – in the form of smartphones and tablets, many people are forgoing sleep (i.e. true restorative body-down-time) in favour of Social Media, watching films or surfing the internet. However, although this practice may be considered a sign of a enjoyable, social living, it may also be having a negative effect on the individual’s physical health and wellbeing by delaying the onset of restorative sleep and disrupting sleep cycles. Click below to read more about why this is a key piece of the Optimum Health Jigsaw…



Increasing scientific research is demonstrating that the impact of healthy social relationships is highly significant to our physical, mental and emotional health. Studies have shown that in terms of mortality, good social connections as opposed to isolation and loneliness can have as much of an impact on life expectancy as smoking or not smoking! Positive interactions with others can have highly significant effects on our immune system, nervous system and overall health (not just by diminishing stress hormone release, though that is part of it). That’s why the CONNECTION Jigsaw Piece is so important in providing the nurturing environment for your cells’ health. Since it’s also true that negative interactions and ‘toxic’ relationships with others can have such a detrimental effect on our health, the initial focus must be on the relationship with the self, to both ensure optimal meeting of needs for the cells yet also to make sure that relationships with others embarked upon will be initiated from a healthy and self-loving starting point.




The MOBILISATION Jigsaw Piece is all about movement! Our bodies were designed to move. As children are growing up, regular movement helps them grow and develop balance and coordination. As adults, adequate movement of our bodies helps us maintain that co-ordination and balance, improves our metabolic rate, maintains our cardiovascular system, encourages detoxification via stimulation of the lymphatic system and maintains flexibiliuty and function of muscles and joints (amongst other important functions…)



‘Our experience of life is much more related to how we react and respond to circumstances than to the actual events of our life.’ Whether or not you currently believe this to be true, if we can create a more positive attitude towards life, ‘taking things in our stride’, easily ‘letting go’ of negative experiences and enjoying humour on a daily basis, most individuals would agree that the experience of ‘life’ is likely to be improved, whatever level of health or illness or energy one is dealing with. These are some of the aims of the EXPANSION Jigsaw Piece. Click below to learn more…