‘Self-Care’ has become quite a buzzword these days. Yet it is often brushed off or ignored by those who need to take most notice of it! As a concept, it may seem inappropriate, given the need for greater love and care and understanding of OTHERS in this world, yet for many, especially those dealing with chronic health problems, there is a great need to take notice of the concept of ‘Self-Care’ and to actually make it a daily part of life!

As described in our Optimum Health Jigsaw, CONNECTION is a key area to address in order to achieve significant and sustainable health improvements; with SELF-Care and SELF-Connection being at the top the priority list!

If you feel that you’ve put many ‘physical’ implementations in place to improve your health and you’re still not seeing the results you’d like – or if you were well on the way to recovery, but seem to have plateaued or relapsed, then our nurturing Self-Care Support Pack may be part of what you need to add in the ‘Nurture and Nourish’ aspect of your Recovery Plan! Your cells – as well as your whole body and energy field need to be nurtured in order to thrive!

With your monthly subscription to the Self-Care Support Pack, you will receive:

  • SELF-NURTURE TELEPHONE SESSIONS When you’re trying to ‘change the habits of a lifetime’, it’s good to have support! A key component of our Self-Care Support Package is two hour long telephone (or skype) sessions with Dr Claire per month. The aim of these sessions is not only to provide you with the compassionate, firm and gentle support necessary as you move through changes on your healing journey, the sessions are also intended to provide you with a non-judgemental, accepting and nurturing space within which you can do whatever self-exploration, emotional release or questioning that is necessary in order to make the strongest voice inside your head and heart one which is truly self-loving! Value: £140

  • STEP BY STEP SELF CARE GUIDE: To take you from wherever you’re at (which may be self-indifference or may even be self-dislike or self-loathing… not that uncommon 🙁 to a place of self-acceptance, self-love and a daily practice of self-kindness). Direct to your inbox – pdf format. Value £15

  • SELF-CARE SUGGESTIONS LIST:It can be really hard to know where to start being ‘self-loving’, if you’ve spent a lifetime being… less so… So in addition to the step-by-step guide, we also offer a list of 144 different ideas of ‘self-care’ activities or implementations which may help trigger ideas for your PERSONAL long term Self-Care Plan. Direct to your inbox – pdf format. Value £10

  • SELF-CARE AUDIOS: To enhance the concept and practicalities of true Self-love and Self-care, as part of you Self-Care Support pack, you’ll also receive a number of audios, designed to reinforce the positive concepts of self-love and self-acceptance and to cement the emotional self-nourishment of you body, mind and spirit. Value £18.

In addition to the valuable resources above, during your second month of subscription, you will receive, in the mail a personalised self-care gift to further assist you on your journey towards optimum health and wellbeing!

SUBSCRIPTION FEE: £145 per month

Two months’ minimum subscription, then you can cancel at any time.

To discuss or start your Self-Care Support Pack subscription, call us today on 01743-718-324or email me at drclaire@drclairebowen.com!