The Sun Ancon Chi Machine – Easy Exercise, Oxygenation, Detoxification and More!

This is a device that enables the user to undertake aerobic exercise without doing anything more than lying on the floor, resting their legs on a portable machine. The side-to-side oscillations of the ankle rest on top of the Chi Machine cause the legs, trunk, arms and head to move in what is known as the ‘body inherent eight’. In other words, like a fish or snake.

Doctor Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of the Japanese Oxygen Health Association, wanted to find a way to make the human body oxygen-efficient without the need for time consuming meditation or strenuous exercise, which consumes excess oxygen generated with movement. In the early 1950’s, he theorised that Japanese Koi carp were always healthy and well toned due to the perpetual movement of their spines. With a team of engineers and physiologists he then designed a device that produced a precise rate of oscillation within a well-defined range of motion, which raised both blood oxygen and levels of energy of the patient.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that individuals with all kinds of conditions can find benefit from the Chi Machine. As well as those with M.E. / CFS, they include individuals with: Arthritis, Anxiety, Sports injuries, Menstrual problems and Lymphoedema.

Clinical trial results show that the Sun Ancon is proven to improve lymphatic drainage, reduce body fat and body weight and also provide pain relief.

Today there are many imitation ‘Chi Machines’ on the market, which are generally cheaper and at first sight appear no different from the original Sun Ancon machines. However, the Sun Ancon device is the only one that has been clinically tested (in Southern Australia) and carries a unique speed, height, angle, swing motion and motor, which is different from the imitation devices. It’s believed that there is only one speed and swing motion suitable for the body’s physiology, so for anyone pursuing this line of detoxification, this is worthy of note.

To assist individuals in optimising the MOBILISATION aspect of their Optimum Health Jigsaw, we provide rental and purchase options of the (original) Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Scroll down for more details of our MOBILISATION Optimum Health Package.

Our MOBILISATION Optimum Health Package includes rental of an original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, for daily use in the comfort of your own home.

As part of the package you also receive 30 minutes’ per month consultation time with Dr Claire Bowen (telephone or Skype) to further work on Health Optimisation.

In addition, you will receive helpful ‘Activity Sheets’ with suggestions for appropriate activities and exercises at different stages of your recovery and also some specific guidance on the most useful Stretching and Strengthening exercises you can do in your own home without any additional equipment.

Our price to you: £55 per month (plus £35 one off fee for delivery and collection).

Purchase the MOBILISATION package and OXYGENATION package together and save 25% on delivery!

Minimum term 2 months then you can cancel at any time.

If you’d like to purchase our MOBILISATION package, or have any queries about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and how Activity Management might be relevant for you, contact us on 01743-718-324 or email me at