Optimal Water for Optimal Hydration and Optimal Health!

If we ‘are what we eat’, then it’s equally true that we ‘are what we drink’. Surely then, we really do want to be getting the best quality, purest water into our bodies, in a form that is going to be most useful, useable and healthful to the trillion or so cells that require water to function?

After many years of reading researching and trying out numerous gadgets, filters and drinking (lots) of different kinds of water, I have come to the conclusion that the ‘best’ water for most people to drink is DISTILLED, REMINERALISED, ALKALISED, REACTIVATED water. I believe this provides the easiest way to optimal hydration without adding any unnecessary or unhelpful substances into the body.

The focus of our hydration process is the distillation of the water – since this generates the most pure water available. In order to make it optimally available, usable and healthful for our body, we need to take a few more steps… see below for more details!


The process of distillation involves heating water until it forms steam, then cooling the steam to condensation point, which produces water with most impurities left behind. ‘Impurities’ in this instance refers to any natural (excessive minerals and heavy metals) or chemical contaminants in the original water (of which there are many in standard tap water) in addition to any parasites or other bugs that may have found their way in and could potentially cause water-borne diseases (more common than you might expect in the 21st century).

Water distillation is considered the most natural method of water purification as the process is most similar to the hydrological cycle on Earth (the water cycle). However, it also has some limitations – which is why we do not recommend drinking water that has ONLY been distilled.

One of the criticisms levied at distilled water is that the process does not remove contaminants which have a boiling point below 100 degrees celsius (i.e. the boiling point of water). Some of these contaminants include substances called VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – such as chlorine and some insecticides and herbicides. This is a very valid point and is why it’s important to ensure additional water filtration after the distillation process. Activated charcoal filters are effective at removing VOCs and the system we recommend utilises replaceable Activated Charcoal filters as part of the water purification process.


Another criticism of distilled water is that since it is totally pure and has had all contaminants removed, it’s also had all the (potentially beneficial) minerals removed too. In reality we get only a tiny fraction of our required minerals from the water we drink – more than 85% of our necessary mineral intake comes from the food we eat – or certainly should do! However, in order to rebalance the pure distilled water – and avoid the theoretical risk of leaching minerals from the body, as part of our HYDRATION optimisation process, we recommend replacing the minerals in the distilled water with a pure form of salt. Not highly processed table salt, but either celtic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, which provide a spectrum of balanced minerals (approximately 60 – 80 different minerals, all in tiny amounts). You should add around half a teaspoon of high quality (celtic sea or pink) salt to every gallon (4-5 litres) of water. This equates to a small pinch of salt for every large glass of water you drink.


Due to its purity, distilled water becomes an active absorber. this means that when it comes into contact with the air, it absorbs a degree of carbon dioxide, which in turn increases the acidity of the water. The concept of improving the alkalinity of our body is probably not a new one to you! There has been a great deal written about acidic conditions within the body creating and exacerbating disease states. Ensuring a more alkaline environment within the body, wherever possible is therefore a sensible aim, whether you’re considering diet or hydration or any other aspect of lifestyle.

In order to improve the alkalinity of your distilled, remineralised water, there are a variety of methods which can be employed, depending on your preference and budget. These methods include using lemon juice (or lemon slices, steeped in your water overnight, in the fridge), bioceramic beads or sticks (often combined with far infra red beads), pH drops or a specific alkalising filter included in products such as the Wave Q Vortex Machine or Vitalizer Plus. Such devices alkalise the water and additionally produce ‘hexagonal water’, via a centripetal cycloid spiral motion, which evokes an ‘inward spiral hydromagnetic force’. Hexagonal water has been shown to have a more organised structure than ‘unstructured’ water, which is reputedly able to penetrate your cells more easily, aid nutrient absorption and assist in elimination of toxins.

In order to facilitate your HYDRATION optimisation, we recommend purchase of counter top distiller, along with remineralising salt and your preferred method of alkalisation.

Due to the active absorbing nature of distilled water, it’s essential to store the water in glass or stainless steel receptacles rather than plastic; to avoid leaching any chemicals or unwanted particles into your drinking water.

The counter top distiller brand we recommend and sell has been successfully and happily used in our house for over 4 years, without complaint.

Our HYDRATION Optimum Health Package includes one of these high quality countertop Water Distillation Units – which includes an important Activated Charcoal Filtration System PLUS a packet of top quality fine Pink Himalayan Salt crystals to aid remineralisation and alkalisation of your beautifully distilled water.

Our price to you: £165 one off payment (including delivery)

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